Nomads for Jesus!

God has given us an incredible mission!


God has given us an incredible calling to go out into the world to reach people for Christ: unbelievers, mature disciples, encourage pastors, leaders, and the Church. As such we been sent out of the four walls of the church building and have become missionaries. We are taking "Grace" (our 35-foot 2000 Damon Challenger Motor Home) and driving around the U.S. preaching, teaching, equipping, and encouraging the lost and God's Church. 

Our mission is three-fold.

First, we are to go and reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as commanded in Matthew 28:18-19. Our focus will be reaching the Nation’s Nomads. These are the estimated one-million+ souls, which have no permanent home, who live on wheels, in cars, vans, and Recreational Vehicles. Many do not know Christ. Others have driven away from their spiritual ties to the body of believers. We will intentionally spread the Good News to the lost and reach out to those who are believers to grow the Kingdom of God. We will also build and grow the Nomad Church by having worship services at campgrounds and churches while streaming them online with the hope of meeting formally throughout the year and having camp meetings (meet ups) as we travel. 


Second, we are to mature disciples (Matthew 28:20). The New Testament speaks a lot about believers maturing in Christ, Hebrews 5:12-14 specifically reminds believers that we must graduate from spiritual milk to spiritual solid food. We will continue to promote personal growth through free devotionals, continuing to host the 10:02 show and have ongoing Bible studies utilizing social media platforms.


Third, we are to encourage pastors, lay-leaders and the Church. Over the years I have grown to having a heart for pastors. As the interim DOM (Strengthener/ Mobilizer) for the Greater Detroit Baptist Association my passion grew for encouraging pastors and leaders. Gayle also has a heart and mission for women, having taught at many women's conferences. We will continue to offer free resources and sermons for pastors. We will also encourage pastors, leaders and the Church by:

· Giving a “Sunday off” by value added pulpit supply.

· Church Security Training

· Men's and Women’s Conferences

· Leadership workshops/conferences 

· Revivals

· Revitalization Conferences

· Coaching

God has given us a great task and we know we cannot accomplish it by ourselves. We need you to become a part of it!

How can you help?

1. You can pray for us. Pray for boldness to speak the Gospel and discernment to know when to speak. Pray for wisdom to follow the Holy Spirit’s direction, and for hearts to be prepared for the Gospel.

2. You can help support the mission. Pastor Tim has left his paid position as pastor and although he has a small military pension, we            certainly need the support of others to accomplish this mission. You can give below as a one-time giver, or you can become monthly supporter. 

3. You can become a Chaser. By following us on our social media platforms (Facebook and YouTube) at “Chasing the Joneses” you will         receive real-time praise and prayer updates as we travel.
You also can bookmark to this website. 

4. You become a member of the Nomad Church. The process is easy: email us at and we will email you the                    information on the process of becoming a member.

In Christ's Love

Your Friends 

Tim and Gayle Jones

“Chasing the Joneses”

Nomads for Jesus


Your support and contributions will enable us to fund our mission to reach Nomads in North America with the Gospel, encourage pastors, leaders, churches and other believers as we travel.

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