Church Security

Throughout history churches have been both a place of safety and targets of violence. If we want our churches to be open and welcoming to all, we must have practices that protect us all.  As a retired U.S. Army Senior Non-Commissioned Officer and a pastor for over fifteen years in both inner-city and suburban settings, I understand the need for the security and safety in our congregations.  

As I stated in a recent article in the Baptist Beacon, “the threat to Christianity runs rampant across our globe. From Christian genocide in the Middle East to threats and acts of violence in America, each day’s news brings word of another attack to the Church. In the wake of the recent shootings, churches across America are beginning to see the need to protect their congregations during church functions.” 

Today there is a great need for churches be aware of the potential threat to to its congregation, and also to be prepared to meet that threat.  

We have trained hundreds of churches and church leaders on how to create and sustain a church security team which maximizes it's efficacy and is budget friendly for small and medium sized churches. 

We have been contracted by both the Baptist State Convention of Michigan and the International Christian Education Association to conduct workshops for churches of all sizes and denominations. 

 The Church Security Workshop consists of the following:

o Find the need for a security/safety team no matter the size of your congregation.

o Receive a step by step process how to begin and maintain a security team.

o The requirements for a security team.

o Receive all the forms necessary to begin and to maintain a successful security team.

The greatest threat to our churches today is our own denial, don't wait until it's too late!

I have trained individual churches, trained many churches in a conference setting and as a workshop. 


"Pastor Tim Jones has developed a Church Security Training that draws on his experience from ministry and the military to equip security teams. The training is thoughtful, comprehensive, and designed so churches can immediately and inexpensively make safety adjustments they feel are necessary in their context." 

Mike Durbin, Baptist State Convention of Michigan

"Excellent amount of information provided and wonderful insight how to better protect our congregation."

Taylor Christian Church 

"Excellent presentation! Had practical steps to implement immediately."

Southwestern Church of God   

"Great insight on the practical steps to begin a security team"

International Christian Education Association


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