THIS MONTHS DEVOTIONAL

Five steps to help feel God in your life.


If you have ever felt that God is missing from your life this might be for you. I know that this may sound churchy, but these are the steps that I took to feel God moving in my life.

1. Confess your sin, (we all have it) just ask Him to forgive you. Then turn from the sin. Maybe that means changing your people place and things.

2. Find a loving church body that will accept you and your baggage for who you are ( I took a lot suitcases). you need a church that is a Bible believing and preaching church.

3. Begin praying throughout your day (look for reasons to praise God, it's what we were made to do). Talk with God.

4. At the end of your day journal some insights that happened through your day good and bad. (Always right down when God has answered prayers).

5. Tell someone when you feel that God is calling to do something and always step out on faith to do it.


I pray these steps help you get closer to God.

Be Encouraged 

Pastor Timothy Jones

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